Visual Design in Websites: Part I


So, I came across this great site that names 20 beautiful, award-winningly designed sites. So, as a part of this series to inspire myself to create better things, I thought I’d put down a few thoughts to keep myself thinking.




So, what makes these look cool? Among thousands of things:

  • Most of them are visually surprising.  You are almost taken aback that a site would look . . . good.  Although most still employ some type of header, they don’t use them in traditional ways.
  • They use gorgeous pictures.  I often just throw up a color or texture, (‘often claiming it’s merely a place-holder’) then never change it.  Amazing web design is making a mundane, the magnificent. Pictures, too, make these sites look incredibly professional.  Among my goals in making a site, one, of course, is to make it look intentional and polished.
  • They scream what their product, but appeal to anybody with a pair of eyes.
  • Color.  These make use of color theory and design.  There’s contrast, complementary colors, and consistency.  You feel cool just looking at the colors.



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